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Reinstalling an App (Android)
Some issues can be resolved by uninstalling or removing the app and then reinstalling. To reinstall an app:
  1. Uninstall the app (click here for more info).
  2. Go to the Google Play store site and click on the My Android Apps link.
  3. In the Other apps in my library section, locate the previously installed app to reinstall.
  4. Select the Install option(s) next to the app.
  5. The app should start downloading shortly afterwards; follow the prompts on the device to complete the installation.

The Google Play store system should recognize the transaction for the previously installed and/or purchased app; the app will be reinstalled without incurring additional charges.NOTE: App purchases are tied to your Google account and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device. If you uninstall an app, you can reinstall it later at no charge by visiting My Android Apps in your Google play account. For more information, visit Google play support

Last Updated 10 years ago

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